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30-Day dental practice transformation
Do you want to reach your full practice potential? 
Let us help you identify your practice’s challenges and develop a plan for improvement customized to fit your personal vision.
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Create happy and healthy patients, a happy and productive team, and healthy business metrics.
  •  Define what you want to accomplish: increase income, have more family time, build a practice up so it can be sold for top dollar, buy a second practice, or third, or fifth, or hire a rock star associate.
  •  Take an x-ray of your practice and create a clear picture of your current capacity, your culture, your patients, and your areas of opportunity. We will provide you with a snapshot of your key performance indicators, educate you on national benchmarks, and bring your awareness to things you know, may have forgotten, and most importantly, to areas that you didn't know that you didn't know.
  • Get a ​practical, clear, actionable steps to achieve your goals in all areas of your business - patient care, team performance, and profitability - simultaneously.
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