Be the Go-To Authority on 
Complete Health in Your Community
Attract the right new patients that understand:
  •  The Oral-Systemic Connection
  •  That You Don't Just Save Smiles, You Save Lives
  •  That You're the First Line of Defense in Preventing Chronic Disease
Become a Co-Author on 
Complete Health Dentistry with:
Charles Whitney, MD
Michael L Gelb, DDS, MS
Gina L Pritchard, MSN, RN,CNS, ACNP, DNPc
  •    A paperback book: With your picture on the cover
  •    A ghost writing partner: You will be interviewed to prepare a draft copy of Chapters 1 and 10. These chapters will tell your personal life story and communicate your vision as a Complete Health Dentist. The finalized copy will be up to 10 pages of customized content for each chapter.
  •    Standard content: Chapters 2-9 will be standard content provided by medical practitioners who are leading the movement of the oral systemic connection in the practice of Complete Health Dentistry.
  •    100 copies: Each book package includes 100 paperback books for individual sale or gifts.
  •    Customized design:  You will provide (1) photo and testimonial for the cover and can choose between 3 cover designs.
Total Package Cost: $6,995.00
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